Fantastic Management Company !

As we finish our second season with Cinnamon Beach Vacations (CBV), we would like to share with you and your staff our reflections on what we feel has been a very positive experience. First, the staff has always been responsive to our request to “rent with care”. They have done an excellent job of screening potential renters, turning away those who did not fit the profile we established. From the start, quality was always more important that the amount of rent the house could generate. Second, the staff of CBV has done an excellent job of updating us with suggestions to provide a better client experience. Every suggestion has made sense, and I believe this is the reason our house has had outstanding occupancy, exceeding our expectations.

As I mentioned in a follow up email after our recent visit to check on the house, we were very pleased with the overall condition. Since I had not been to the house in 16 months, and Faye 11 months, I had some concern, not quite knowing what to expect. We found the condition of the house exceeded our expectations. Crystal had done an excellent job of providing updates as needed, even providing vendors to work on the house when the need arose.

Len, my wife and I are very pleased with our decision to place our house with your rental program. We had several choices for rental companies, but chose your company as we felt it would best meet our desire for quality over quantity, and we have not been disappointed. We look forward to the next season, and many more.

Pat & Faye Palfrey
529 Cinnamon Beach Lane

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